An os-specific cc_toolchain rule for every architecture; A toolchain_info configuration provider that tells Bazel where each of the important compiler tools is located; Toolchain suite. We’ll place this rule in our toolchains/BUILD. bazel file. Ideally, all of our. Video examples. However, building a simple echo $(CMAKE) genrule fails. So, I guess 2 questions: Is there some way to print a list of all available make variables ? bazel info --show_make_env only prints builtins. RETURNS. dict: The aliases of all associated packages. all_crate_deps all_crate_deps(normal, normal_dev, proc_macro, proc_macro_dev, build, build_proc_macro, package_name) Finds the fully qualified label of all requested direct crate dependencies for the. Implementation of patching an already extracted repository. This rule is inteded to be used in the implementation function of a repository rule. Ifthe parameters patches, patch_tool, patch_args, patch_cmds and patch_cmds_win are not specified then they are taken from ctx.attr. Parameters.

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